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We provide residential and commercial mold remediation in Charlotte, NC

Are you looking for a company that can provide some of the most effective environmental services in Charlotte, NC? You’ve found Salem Environmental, a company that has been serving our city since 1989. You can count on us to help you with a wide range of problems, including mold removal and mold remediation. To find out what our crew can do with you, contact us today 704-737-0407.

What should you know about Salem Environmental?

You can rely on us for mold services, such as residential and commercial mold remediation services, as well as petroleum tank services. In addition we offer commercial property management services.

We began doing business by performing non-geologic Underground Storage Tak(UST) closure and soil drilling. We also provided sampling services to petroleum marketers in the Carolinas.

Building upon our sampling experience, we began providing mold services. Since 2001, we’ve performed over 1,000 mold services, so you can breathe easy knowing we’re on the job.

Call 704-737-0407 for any environmental service you need, from commercial mold remediation to petroleum tank services.

Don’t Hesitate to Reach Out to Us

When you’re dealing with mold, you need help right away. Mold can damage your property and cause costly repairs.

Mold can also affect your health by irritating your:




Plus, it can aggravate allergies and cause infections. Because mold is such a nuisance, time is of the essence. Hire our crew today to get rid of the mold in your home or business. We'll provide whatever mold services are necessary, whether they are commercial real estate services or home services.