Find Mold Remediation Services in Charlotte, NC

Find Mold Remediation Services in Charlotte, NC

Salem Environmental performs residential and commercial mold remediation

When you have mold in your house or commercial facility, you need the help of experts to flush it out. The experienced mold remediation professionals from Salem Environmental will get rid of every trace of mold on your property. We’re based out of Charlotte, NC and serve the Carolinas. You can count on us for both residential and commercial mold remediation services.

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What will we do for you?

Our team will do what it takes to perform a full mold remediation. We use industry-leading techniques to serve multi-family and condo property management companies, as well as commercial property owners and residential property owners.

You can come to us for:

  • Fungal (mold) IAQ and surface sampling: An independent facility accredited by the American Industrial Hygiene Association will analyze samples from your property. This will help us create a plan for your residential or commercial mold remediation.
  • IAQ sampling for formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds: You can trust us to identify unsafe levels of formaldehyde and VOCs.
  • Structural drying: We can dry your building, no matter the size. We’ve even worked on a group of 48 flooded apartments that required extensive drying.
  • Fungal remediation and HEPA air filtering: You can rely on us to remove fungal damage and restore air quality.
  • Infrared camera screening and materials moisture testing: You can use our infrared camera services to identify water and humidity.
  • OmniSense live-time climate monitoring: You can determine if permanent humidification is necessary with this system.
  • Moisture reduction: You can be confident that your space’s humidity is controlled with Innovative Dehumidifier in-wall units.


We’ve installed close to 40 of Innovative Dehumidifier units throughout the Carolinas and Georgia in the last three years. To arrange for mold services, or to ask us about dehumidifiers, reach out to us today. You can use the form on our Contact page or call 704-737-0407.