Do You Manage Property?

Do You Manage Property?

We'll assist your commercial property management company in Charlotte, NC

If you work in commercial property management, you know that maintaining the cleanliness of your property is important. You’re dedicated to providing healthy spaces and fresh air to the people who live and work on your property.

Salem Environmental, a company based out of Charlotte, NC, can help you keep your property clean and healthy. Hire us to complete an Environmental Site Assessment or perform commercial business mold remediation in the Carolinas.

Find out what we can do for you

If you need a site assessment for commercial property management purposes, our team will carry out an environmental site assessment. After hundreds of assessments since our first ASTM E1527 Phase I ESA way back in 1990, we’re fully prepared for yours. We’re also equipped for the less expensive E1528 Transaction Screen Process.

We also offer commercial business mold remediation service. You can count on us to remove mold from houses, apartments, offices, stores and restaurants. Contact us to arrange for mold remediation right away. You can email us through our contact form or call 704-737-0407.